Sunday, November 24, 2013

back on the map!!

OOh my, its been quite a long minute since my last post.  It's pretty crazy to look back at the last post and think about what life was then.  It really wasn't all that long ago, but things have deeefinitely changed and it was an interesting and exciting trip that led me to where I am now.  Due to the crazy summer of traveling through Europe and then landing in Australia, Garage Gypsy has been on a slighhht hiatus - at least in terms of production.  That's all about to change verry soon though.  In less than a week we move into our new office in Melbourne, and then the fun begins!  Things will be headed in a very new direction for SPRING SUMMER 2014.  The new collection has been strongly influenced by traveling through Europe and my temporary move to Australia!  

Tons and tons of photos were taken while I was backpacking through Europe, and while it was a tough edit, here are some of my favs from some of the stops :)