Saturday, June 13, 2015

Studio Time In Wax City

Hi there! Hope you're having a nice weekend!  It's been a buseeeeey week in the studio for me ;) a cross between stocking up on pieces for the Graffiato collection and working out new ideas for the coming collections.  I think I might be coming down with a serious case of studio fever though.  I've had to escape my jewelry bench which is turning into a city of wax and take a nice walk around my Bushwick neighborhood.  I'm following that by a flat white and some computer time work at a local cafe..only to find myself blogging about the studio which I'm trying to take a break from.. ahhhh!!! :) Oh well, I love it even when I'm a bit sick of it!  Here are some snapshots at the bench =  =  = and well one of me when I was playing with my hats..

Friday, June 5, 2015

Double Lives

We all experience change in our lives, all in varying degrees and at different times, things are always going and continuously evolving.  In my opinion, its the best thing.. and the worst.  The most reliable variable about change is that you can always expect it to throw you for a loop if you're not ready for it.

For any of you who may not already know, aside from making jewelry, I am also a stylist and costume designer / costumer. The latter is my bread and butter, my first love, and second passion.  Okay, I may have a few first loves..but it's definitely up there at the top.  Of course, I would love it if Garage Gypsy could be my bread and butter, too, but that's what I'm here working on :).  Due to the nature of the film industry, having spent 4 years building relationships in LA, and having been in NY for less then a year working mostly on jewelry and a few editorial shoots..I end up back in in LA quite a bit for work.  Since being gone, I can't quite say I love LA more than ever, but it's a bloody close call!  I spent the entire month of May working on the west coast, and officially feel like I live a double life.  It's weird.  Super weird.  Mostly because my life and lifestyle does a 180 degree flip when I go from the east coast to the west and vice versa.  

In NYC, I usually start my mornings by walking around the corner to AP cafe in Bushwick for my morning flat white and croissant or lemon poppyseed scone, where I work on my computer until about noon or 1pm.  Then I either head to my studio to work on some jewelry or I'm running errands/picking up or dropping off in mid-town's jewelry district.  Before having dinner I muster the courage to hit the gym finalllly (after swearing to myself the night before that I would go first thing in the morning).  That's basically the routine, if I ever have one.  NYC also consists of yoga and brunch on Saturdays with my friend, Otmane from London (via Paris and Morocco), lots of Aussie style coffee, walking, reading, and street art admiration.  Oh, and freezing my bootie off..!

Now take me to LA and all of a sudden my life becomes a book of multitasking, driving, and rays of sunshine.  The day usually starts with either a juice from Lassan's or a coconut cardamom smoothie from Nature Well (because I'm obsessed) - if it's the weekend I'm probably eating pear pancakes at The Kitchen.  Then I'm off to work, either pulling at Universal or Warner Brothers, headhunting for clothing at the Americana/Galleria or something of the like, or all of the above.  If I have time to breath, I get lunch, otherwise I go until the day's to-dos are crossed of the list.  Sometimes, I'm painting creepy faces onto masks or sewing things.  And, if it's not a prep day, then I'm either on set for 12 hours or finishing a job with a day of wrapping and returns.  All the moments in between are usually spent squeezing in dates with friends - my super favourite part to being back in LA.  Luckily being on set also aids in seeing/hanging with my favourite people, as there just never is enough time.   This last month was a little extra crazy, as at one point I worked 36 hours straight without sleeping (due to some work hiccups).  The next night I had the chills, was nauseous and shaking so badly that I went to the ER.  After finding out I had an infection, some muscles relaxers, antibiotics and a couple hours sleep later I was back on set working with my body feeling like it had been run over by a semi.  It kind of sucked (especially at the time) but I get such a rush of adrenaline with my job that I kind of feel like I can do anything, and I can't help but to admit liking that.  All in all it was a bit of an exhausting month, but I'm quite a bit sad it's over.   

Now I'm back in NYC, trying to adapt back to life here.  It's weird.  It's also my last month in New York, pretty soon I'll be starting my little adventure in London.  So while I'm missing on LA, I'm massively distracted by the fact that I have only 25 days to live up the rest of NYC.  Yikes!

On that note; I'll head to the photo diary of last month in LA.. bc why not..  :)


Monday, June 1, 2015

Meaning Behind the "Brand"

I've been working with a dear friend recently on the "branding" of Garage Gypsy; it's been an interesting, dig deep kind of process.  I'm not sure how I feel about the word "brand" because to me it just feels and sounds so commercial, but I've been wanting to address it for a few reasons.  Garage Gypsy has been my little baby since it was discovered and brought to life in 2009.  It's aesthetic and mission has basically been an extension of myself, which is wonderful because it's real, honest, and organic, but for that same reason it always feels like there's a bit of aesthetic chaos lingering in the clear waters.   In order to really solidify the voice of Garage Gypsy, I figured a bit of branding work was necessary to establish the world in which my creations will live.  So far it's been an extremely fun and challenging mission for me.  That being said, I thought I would share with you some of what's been established during the journey thus far :)  

In one phase, I had to come up with a list of key words that really described Garage Gypsy.  This is what list came to be..


And in another phase, I had to look for images and designs that would give off the vibe of these words.  Essentially creating a mood board for GG.  This is what I came up with.. 

The world of Garage Gypsy ;)

Hope you enjoyed!  I'd love to hear your thoughts, feedback and any advice you may have when it comes to this subject matter - as this area of things is constantly a learning process for me. 

[xo] the garage gypsy