Friday, February 26, 2016

flashing back to some hot days in Prague

I'll never forget setting foot in Prague for the first time.  I took an early morning flight from London and arrived in a sunny, steamy Prague that afternoon.  Excited to see the city, and even more excited to meet up with two of my most favourite people in the whole world, Bobbi + Dan!  I've known Bobbi since kindergarden, which feels like lifetimes ago.  I love how she knows things I can't even remember -like, how when we were 5, and I was so shy then that I wouldn't even talk!  Probably because since I can remember, I always thought she was the coolest, most pretty girl ever!  Long story short, she's my sister, one I can be my weirdest self around, and I am so grateful that I have her in my life because she's the lemon-to-my-ade.   As for Dan, he's a one in a million and I love him for it - especially when he eats whole cloves of raw garlic, not realising their intensity.

Since so much of what I do and believe in is based on adventure, living and loving life; I share with you, our adventure in Prague:

Bobbi and I :)) mimicking the door man..

Exploring the grounds, and very chiselled statues.

The very neat, very mod light fixture in our AirBnB.

Us.  Dan's going to Texas.

Lunch and many leftovers to be consumed after those late nights out drinking..

My obsession over line, colour, and texture found in the hallway.

Daydreaming on your birthday..

An afternoon spent eating grapes on the window ledge, listening to the Talking Heads..

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

All the better to hear you with

While visiting my family over the holidays, back in rural Chicagoland, I spent a few days carving up a few new fun pieces.  As usual, you can keep the work away from me, but you keep me from working away on something.. no matter where I am..  The creativity just needs to find a way out.  Always! 

Found Van Gogh's missing ear..? What do you think?

After casting the freshly carved wax ring into sterling silver, I polished it up to a shiny mirror finish for extra pop.  I love the shine, but would love to do one with a matte finish, too.  Could be cool!

Thought I'd just through in a sneaky photo of the cold NYC --herrre-- !!