Thursday, March 17, 2011

On the Streets of Paris during Fashion Week.

How can't you not love this.  Looking at the fabulously dressed, makes me want to immediately hop onto a plane and jet across the seas to Europe.  Milan, Paris, London...I want to explore them so badly!

I couldn't help observing all of the long sheer silk and chiffon skirts.  Love it!  Get ready to see more.

I'm making this a quick post!  I just finished a delicious corn beef sandwich on toasted sourdough.  Now I have to run off to the gym and burn some cals, before meeting a few of my gal pals at a local bar for a Guinness.  I may have forgotten to wear my green, but I haven't forgotten how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day :)  Happy St. Patties to you all! xo