Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Drafting up a design.

It can be a very lengthy, sometimes drawn out process.  Design, in my opinion, is a process that shouldn't be forced.  That makes it difficult because when it's your job to design and create, you sometimes need to push the ideas out.  Thats when inspiration comes in handy.  To keep the process organic, you need to be inspired.  

Part of the purpose behind The Garage Gypsy is to share with you what happens behind the scenes, sharing with you what inspires me, and how my jewelry fuses with fashion.  I must admit, I have been slacking because, turns out, its a daunting task!  The truth is, it's hard to keep up with and track all that inspires, and if I decided to write about it all, I'd be living life twice and never have time to sleep.  And let me tell you, sleep is a very important necessity of mine.  I'm a slough without sleep.  That and exercise.  Nothing gets the mojo going like a good intense workout!

My "Palm Springs" Collection was very desert inspired.  I imagined pieces with clean lines and a basic color palette that would pop amongst the sand.  The basic elements were derived from a geometric form giving the collection a rather modern appearance.  This was then fused with a very natural southwest -almost Native American color and design scheme.  It was created with the concept of freedom.  I wanted to give the wearer that liberating feeling of an open road where nothing is more important than having fun and just feeling beautiful inside your own skin.  

And, of course, the design process at Garage Gypsy doesn't end after the jewelry is crafted.  We try to put together a whole package that shares our happiness and excitement.  Each piece is carefully packed in its linen pouch and natural kraft box for protection.  The box is tied in vibrant colored cotton string with a pretty bow, because after all, it's a present for you and you're special :)

xo xo the garage gypsy

*photos displayed are from various sources, I only take credit for photos featuring Garage Gypsy Jewelry.