Sunday, April 17, 2011

Roaming the city of a thousand places.

I'd have to say that adventure has to be one of my greatest passions in life.  There is nothing more extraordinary than discovering a new place that you absolutely adore.  Even though I don't always have the time and opportunity to travel outside the boundary lines of Los Angeles, I am never short of new discoveries within this cultured city.  Just last weekend a friend of mine told me about this cute little bridge up in the hills, so Saturday morning we took a five minute drive up there and it instantly felt like we were in a whole different city.  It was pretty amazing.  Not so much that it looked a whole lot different, although the bridge was very Hansel and Gretel, it just had a very different energy.  Anyway, we did a little lookbook shoot for fun and I thought I'd share my photos with you.  Unfortunately, it was a really chilly morning so my outfit isn't very inspiring for spring.  This is for those of you that are still experiencing those frosty days.

And then there is Charlie Sheen.  [ha] [ha]

xo xo the garage gypsy