Wednesday, July 20, 2011

video killed the radio star

[update] so I originally named this post "tv killed the radio star" and very much so on accident.  I meant to put video, I did.  This is what happens when I post too close to midnight.  My brain thinks one thing, but my fingers type another.  Anyway I've changed it, it just doesn't make sense for this post.

  Last week Garage Gypsy got a little unplanned action onscreen next to Lindsey Lohan in Miggs' new music video, "Let the games begin."  It was a fun two day shoot with some awesome and talented folks. Here's some photos from behind the scenes!
Photo credit to
Don, Walker, and Michael
One of the "fans" wearing GG Earrings & Modern Cocktail Rings

The "photographer" in a Garage Gypsy t-shirt

A sneak peak at our wardrobe dept, where you'll find some pieces from Garage Gypsy.
And the girls behind the styling. Elise, Michelle, and myself (Justin-missing in action) posing with our "cops"!
I just discovered the new "space" effects on picnik and decided to get a little creative with the last couple photos :)  They're fun right?!  Hope y'all havin' a good night!  Stay creative now!

[xo] the garage gypsy