Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the weekend.

Nothing makes me happier then laughing with friends, enjoying tasty delights, and productivity that combines fun with creativity.  So the last three days come close to perfect.

SATURDAY:  I spent the day making jewelry and prepping for a little sale that would take place on Sunday.  That, along with the weekly apartment cleaning kept me relatively busy.  It sounds relatively boring, but when you're in the zone and you've got good jams playing in the background, I rather enjoy it.  And the best feeling comes at the end of the day when you see all that you've accomplished!

Look of the day.
Classic summer casual. I've been insanely drawn to the classic black and white stripe lately.  It's a very classic French style, but lately I'm a bit obsessed.  I don't mean to be, but I just can't help what I'm drawn to and I refuse to fight it.  I just found this shirt last week and I love it, it just so happens to the fifth b&w striped item of clothing to enter my wardrobe.  This may not be too bizarre for some, but I like variety in my closet, so too much of the same thing is a big red ex for me.  Oh well, the style is different and I'm still loving it, so its all good.

I took a late lunch break and met up at one of my favorite lunch spots, The Food+Lab with a friend.
I decided this isn't my favorite sandwich, but it was still pretty amazing.  Fried and breaded chicken in a sandwich is something I very rarely would ever indulge in now that I'm like a semi-health freak, but the lady working there swore it was the best sandwich (which I disagree), but of course I had to try it..
 Then it was home and back to work..
I was sure to make quite a few of the "viewefinder" Ring that seems to be the hot commodity these days.

SUNDAY: I vended at Space15Twenty from 10 till 4pm where I met some awesome people and got to hang out with friends that were able to stop by and support the garage gypsy..
After all day in the sun, a little tuckered out I decided to have some quite time reading.  I grabbed a yummy salad concoction of my own from Whole Foods and then dropped by Barnes & Noble.  There I spent two hours lightly reading through a couple business books and perusing the French and British fashion magazines.

And then I spent a little time drooling over the Jeffery Campbell shoes at Nordstom.  I'm really digging the Lita shoe, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to give in to the hype.  Buuuut, they are pretty fun in my personal opinion and uber comfy, sooo I might need to make an exception.

MONDAY:  Look of the day.
I rocked the black fedora yet again.  I only toss it on when I don't feel like dealing with my insane mane. Red satin shorts, beige cotton top, leather fringe necklace and my ethnic sandals.

After hitting the gym for a good hour and a half, I cleaned up and decided to head to Starbucks, visit my friend Moni and do some work on my computa.
 My nail art from Sunday :)

Some of my fav Jeff Campbell shoes at the moment..

[xo] the garage gypsy