Tuesday, October 18, 2011

week of fashion.

After a long, exausting but wonderful week & weekend of work, it was time to get in on some of the happenings for LA's Fashion Week.  Last night I tagged along with my friend Vanessa, writer for V is for Olive and Joonbug who scored me an extra press pass and front row tickets for the both of us.  I'm still reminded constantly at how small this world is after running into several people I know through the previous jewelry events I've done, and then later realizing that the one of the lines going down the runway was my friend Kunal's line, Kareena's Trends.  I don't know how the world manages to pull us into the right places at the right time, but it sure has a funny way of making things happen.  And I'm so incredibly thankful for it.  Unfortunately my phone died after the first show, so my pictures are minimal, but its only the first night of a few more to come :))  To see the line up of events check out FASHION WEEK LA


[xo] the garage gypsy