Sunday, December 18, 2011

its been a minute.

And I suppose it's been one too many, for it looks as though I have abandoned my blog, and I feel as though I've abandoned my jewelry design streak.  Thankfully, the christmas holidays are only a week away bringing my styling work on productions down to a halt, thus giving me some time to refocus my energy on being creative with my other love in life - garage gypsy.  Thankfully my pliers and materials have been sitting here waiting for me..right where I left them.  Now before I get started on my Spring Collection for 2012 I wanted to drop in and say hello - as if I know you'll be reading this :) - and leave you with a poem I recently found.

my ceiling the sky, my carpet the grass,
my music the lowing of herds as they pass;
my books are the brooks, my sermons the stones,
my parson’s a wolf on a pulpit of bones.
—allen mccanless (cowboy poet), 1885

[xo] the garage gypsy