Saturday, October 29, 2011

creativity surge.

I LOVE perusing through cute boutiques just so I can stumble upon a few clever ideas to uplift my own wardrobe.  Not only do I consider this research :) but it tends to reignite my flame sending me back to work!!  A couple of my friends and I have made pacts with ourselves to avoid purchasing new clothing pieces for our closet for a few months.  [A] to save money, but [B] because we already own too much and we've come to the conclusion that we create a lot of what we saw strut down fall's runway with what we already have, not to mention it will challenge us to be more creative with what we've got. Here are few awesome things I came across upon the other day, that will have me pulling out my needle and thread! 

I love the concept of these shoes.
 How awesome is this flannel with the leather collar and shoulder patches accompanied with a single row of studs to each side?!

Leather and Cowhide platform wedge..WHUUUUT!!!

 I love they replaced the sleeves with a sheer mesh (I guess you can't see it to well in this photo though). Plus I'm just a big Led Zeppelin fan.

I've been an avid collector of vintage old mans sweaters since 2007 when Stella McCartney incorporated OVERSIZED button down sweaters into her fall collection.  As shown below :)
Anyway, it funny to see brands remaking and bring back the old man sweaters circa 1985/90s.  I got some great ideas in what else I can transform a few of my sweaters into.

My favorite is this skirt.  Not only would it be the easiest thing make -minus finishing off the bottom- which, would be easy if I owned a serger machine.  
And then how cute are these shorts?!
I'm in love with this knit and pattern, its just so 90's!
I think I'm going to be adding some leather embellishments to some items in my closet to give them a little picker upper.
Kinda diggn' this tote below.

Are you inspired yet? K, now go get creative!!
[xo] the garage gypsy